Enjoy some of my other musical favorites


When The Land Belonged To God

Colt Idol is a local artist here in Montana. He paints with such passion, color and style that it is easy to fall into the story within the landscape of his paintings. 

I've performed many times at the Dick Idol Gallery in downtown Whitefish.  It has belonged to Colt's dad, another talented artist, who now has transferred ownership of the gallery over to Colt and his wife. 

When The Land Belonged To God is one of my singles off of the Montana - Life Under The Big Sky CD. I thought it would be fun to pair this song with a few of Colt's paintings and to capture the artist behind the canvas.  Hope you enjoy it. 


I'm excited to be a part of the Martin Luther King celebration with other Montana songwriters. We will be performing in Whitefish as part of the celebration in conjunction with Montana NPR.  I crafted two songs that I thought would be great together. This is an acoustic version. 

ALL FOR GOOD©David Walburn

The video on the left is about building the Stonehouse at Duck Lake. It was a dream come true for me.

Finding a simple piece of land to call my own and building a small cabin next to a world class fishing lake - it was truly All For Good. 

I knew the minute I walked on the property, I was right where I was meant to be. 

The images on the video might not mean so much for the viewer, but the song still stands as one of my favorites. 

If you are so inclined, you can come stay with us at The StoneHouse. It was a place to be shared with family, friends and strangers looking for an Montana experience off the beaten path.

The StoneHouse at Duck Lake VRBO.  

Mamas & Jesus©David Walburn

I was playing at a local Whitefish gig, Piggyback BBQ, and my brother shot this video of me performing my new song, Mamas and Jesus. 

I was watching the show Bloodline and was reminded about some of the families I knew growing up in the south. For some reason, this song just came to me from this TV show.

You never know where the inspiration comes from. All these years as a songwriter, I've learned that its better to keep an open mind and welcome the ideas as they come.