David Walburn

Listen To Your Voice 

I always had my guitar nearby and a tune stuck in my head since I was young. I enjoy sharing my stories through song.

When I worked as a fishing guide in Alaska, I remember flying a client to a remote fishing spot when I looked out of the window and saw a beautiful cabin nestled in the woods near the mountains. That's what I want someday, I thought to myself - how can I make this work? 

Then a voice, out of nowhere said,

"You're A Songwriter."

I don't know if it was the Alaska spirits or the northern wind or some other phenomena, but at that moment I knew who I was and every day I try to honor that voice.

I hope you enjoy the music.


Once upon a time, there lived a god named Ullr who reigned over winter activities in the Nordic regions. Aiding him were his Prime Minister and Queen, who were skilled in creating the beauties of winter.

Winter Carnival week is here! If your from Montana you know how long the winters can be. Winter Carnival is an escape from the cold by embracing it fully, creating silly pageantry and of course, excessive partying and mayhem. 

This song came to me after opening to the idea that I needed to write something for the carnival. I am always amazed how the creative process works.  

See you at the parade!


I got to spend some time with Colt Idol the other day in his artist studio. If you don't know about Colt, you should! 

He's an incredible artist and great guy! I thought it would be fun to combine one of my songs with his art work and create a little music video. 

If you ever find yourself in Whitefish, Montana - check out the Dick Idol Gallery on Main Street and see some of the amazing western artists they represent. 

Hope you enjoy!

MLK-Concert Whitefish

I am very honored to be a part of the Martin Luther King celebration in Whitefish this year along with other local talented songwriters & performers. 

I will be playing two songs for the occasion:

  • Jesus & His Love
  • I Have A Dream

If you are nearby, this will be an amazing event honoring the spirit of an amazing man. 

Here is a link to my interview with

Jesus & His Love | I Have A Dream


We also had the great pleasure of hosting the Efron brothers and crew from Columbia Sportwear at our cabin - The StoneHouse at Duck Lake. There's a cool opening shot of them driving up our driveway. We also had our oldest son, Jesse, work with the crew as a production assistant.


Recently I had my song - Meat's In The Freezer, Let's Go Skiing - featured in the ski movie GUEST LIST. Below is the official trailer. Check it out if it comes to your town. These skiers are amazing to watch.
BONUS: It also features fellow Whitefish skier Maggie Voisin!

Music Fan Reviews

Captures the Best of Montana

Walburn has managed to cover the essence of the Last Best Place with wonderful songs

Five Stars

Awesome music well suited for driving through the Rocky Mountain west

A "must-have" when you visit Montana

If you are visiting Montana, or know someone who is planning to visit Big Sky country, then you REALLY need to buy this album.

Simple beauty

I hope you will enjoy David's music as much as my wife and I , and our friends, have.

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